At Basecamp Fitness Our emphasis is on making exercise enjoyable in an easy going, non intimidating and welcoming environment that caters for individuals of all fitness levels. Using a unique approach to training in a commercial gym, we help guide, inspire and encourage you to achieve whatever fitness goal you might have.
Basecamp Fitness operates on a group training session basis. With Each Session lasting 30 mins. Sessions start at 06:00 and then run every 30 minutes there after until we close at 21:00. As a member of Basecamp fitness you will receive an initial one to one consultation to help determine your goals, your own individual training program, a nutritional plan, as well as on-going check-ups as part of your membership. Every time you step foot into the gym at Basecamp fitness you will have a trainer on hand to help with any questions you might have, show you proper form and technique or to provide you with that extra
motivational push.
If Group training isn’t for you, no problem, get in contact with us to ask about our gym only membership.

Group Personal Training

Group training based sessions of 30 minutes high intensity resistance exercise

Basecamp Fitness operates on a group training session basis. Every session is supervised by a trainer. Sessions will last 30 mins. With the first session starting at 06:00 and then running every 30 minutes there after until we close at 21:00. Members can come to the gym at any time they wish, but must book in to a slot / session before doing so. 

Booking is very easy and can a number of different ways such as, Messenger, at the gym itself or over the phone. Members will be able to book into any session right up until the start of a session, provided there is space.

The sessions will be limited to a maximum of 10 people every 30 minutes.

One to One Personal Training

Basecamp Fitness also offers one to one personal training for those who feel they need extra help in order to reach their goals. For more information on our One to One personal training packages drop us a line here or get in touch via Facebook.



“4 months exactly in the two photos and I feel such a difference physically and mentally. A huge thanks to the lads at Basecamp Fitness for helping me greatly along my journey! They have made the process very enjoyable with the atmosphere they have created in the gym! Everyone is very helpful and approachable which is a nice contrast to previous gyms I’ve been a member of!I’d recommend Basecamp Fitness to everyone of every level, no matter what your goal is I have confidence that everyone at Basecamp will be able to get you to surpass what you have set!”

Cathal Lowry

Basecamp Fitness Member



Rian Clancy
Rian ClancyPersonal Trainer
I’m Rian, I’m 24 and I’m from Clonmel, and I’m a certified PT. Fitness is my passion and I’ve seen first hand how learning about training and nutrition can have a huge positive impact on someone’s quality of life. I get a real buzz from seeing someone becoming healthier and happier and knowing I’ve had a hand in that.

I look forward to working with you, and know you’ll enjoy training in Basecamp as much as I’ll enjoy coaching you.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals